6 reasons why companies are increasingly opting for whiteboard animation videos

Who doesn’t love cartoons? We know we do! Animations are attractive, compelling and engaging. In the past few years, animation – and in particular whiteboard animation – has become increasingly popular among marketers, a trend that many predict is here to stay. We get it, animated explainer videos are awesome and engaging. But what are the reasons behind whiteboard videos being so popular. What makes advertisers opt for animated explainer videos as the go-to marketing strategy? Here are 6 science-backed reasons why the ‘whiteboard’ phenomenon is taking over the corporate world.

1. Whiteboard videos catch our attention

This one’s a no-brainer: they catch our attention. For good and for bad, most of us don’t have the time or interest to focus on one thing for too long. Advertisers know this. But catching people’s attention and retaining it is easier said than done. Whiteboard explainer videos offer this very quality that is highly sought-after in advertising. Marketers want you to first see their advertisement in order to have any hope that you will then remember what was said in the actual marketing campaign. This is possible only if the advert actually catches your attention. And we all know how alluring explainer videos can be. No wonder some of the world’s top companies such as Toyota and Oxfam have switched over to whiteboard explainer videos to get their message across.

2. Whiteboard videos stick

Learning is great, but it can be tough at times. Especially when we have no conscious intention to learn. But our mind does not operate only on the conscious level. We perceive so many things subconsciously every day that ultimately shape our thoughts and influence learning. Research shows that people learn a lot better when they are in a good mood. Information that is connected to a positive emotion, becomes part of our long-term memory. Apart from being considered generally fascinating, whiteboard animation videos are also quite entertaining to watch and bring about a positive emotion. A happy and delightful video will thus help customers retain information a lot better than plain text and that’s exactly what companies need.

3. Whiteboard videos simplify complex problems

If you don’t know how to pen or type down your thoughts so they make sense to readers, video is your answer! Whiteboard animation videos hold a strong educational power. This is because they incorporate sound, pictures, text and movement – all of which gets the human brain wired to hang on to each and every word said in the video. We all learn things differently. Some of us are visual learners. Others learn more by using their auditory senses. Explainer videos infuse all these elements, making sure that when a message is put across, it gets where it’s intended to go – deep within our minds. That is why even relatively dry subjects about tax payment and population census can become engaging when explained through an animated explainer video.

4. Whiteboard videos work with our predispositions

Have you ever experienced that a smell or a certain taste brings back memories from the past? It has to do with how our mind functions; how we perceive things and how it is wired to behave. This is utilized in making animated marketing videos as well. Whiteboard explainer videos incorporate well thought out animated characters for a marketing campaign. Everything from the character design to the soundtrack is customized and specialized. Marketers use animated characters that a particular demographic (the target audience for the advertisement) can easily identify with. Another interesting quality is the whiteboard itself. We are accustomed to learning on whiteboards and associate it with education. Therefore, a white background with a marker scribbling letters and words on it gets us mentally geared up for receiving information. We may not be biologically hardwired for this, but we are socially and culturally attuned to it since childhood.

5. Whiteboard videos are a welcome change from the same old commercials

Leading world companies have incorporated whiteboard videos as an important tool in their online video advertising strategy. The reason is the core strength of whiteboard animation videos. As opposed to television commercials where you are ‘spoken to’, whiteboard animation videos involve the audience in the message; speaking with them, not simply ‘to’ them. You watch with bated breath as the animation creates a story in front of you. Incorporating characters that remind you of your favourite cartoons, constructing a storyline before your very eyes. Add to that an emotional side and you get a mini non-Disney masterpiece that people are going to remember. That is a far more entertaining prospect than watching an average television commercial. And an added benefit is that people might express their appreciation by actively sharing the videos on various platforms online.

6. They innovate the art of explaining

Technology is always seeing advancements, and there is a good reason why that is the case. We might resists change in our personal lives, but technologically we are far more attracted to change than we think. World’s leading advertisers have caught on the craze of whiteboard animation videos as part of a global advertising strategy for this very reason. They innovate the simple art of explanation, education and advertising. What’s more? You can incorporate as many elements as you want in the videos. Professional characters and overall style – the possibilities for making different types of videos through whiteboard animation are endless. When explainer videos first came out, they became an instant hit on the internet.

Final thoughts:

Whiteboard explainer videos have innovated the art of advertising, video making, sharing and expression. We love to watch them, and while we’re at it, we gain information that we either consciously or subconsciously perceive. Science tells us that we love whiteboard animation videos. And we can’t help but agree! It is no wonder major corporations, as well as small and medium sized businesses are increasingly opting for whiteboard animation videos as part of their marketing efforts.

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