This Whiteboard Animation About Dogecoin Will Make You Think

Another project successfully completed! We’ve produced several videos about blockchain technology, but this project for SupportDogecoin was an interesting one in this domain: one about a cryptocurrency that initially started as a joke, but has grown to become a serious crypto competitor. Here’s an introduction to SupportDogecoin, a quick recap of the whiteboard animation production […]

How To Write a Good Explainer Video Script? (Incl. Sample)

A good script is the foundation of a good explainer video. Write it poorly and you’ll fail to get your message across. Over the years, we’ve worked with many different clients and produced countless animation videos. Some clients produce their own explainer video script, while others want us to produce one for them. When a […]

Strong Whiteboard Explainer For a Nonprofit (Video Included)

Signed, sealed and delivered! When we were presented with the opportunity to produce a custom whiteboard animation video about the impact of heatwaves for the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Center, we were excited to be part of such a meaningful project. Here’s a quick introduction to the Climate Center, a summary of the whiteboard […]