The Psychology of Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation has become a popular and effective tool for engaging audiences and conveying messages in an impactful way. But have you ever wondered why it captivates and persuades viewers so effectively? In this blog post, we’ll delve into the psychology behind whiteboard animation, exploring the key factors that make it such a compelling storytelling […]

Increasing Customer Engagement With Animations. A Winning Strategy

In today’s digital landscape, where attention spans are shorter than ever, businesses must explore innovative ways to captivate their online audience. One effective technique that has gained tremendous popularity is the use of animations. Not only do animations add visual appeal to your website or app, but they also have a significant impact on increasing […]

Powerful Explainer Video About a Relaxation Device (Video)

Rushing through life every day, don’t we all know the feeling? Our client, Mindsight, has the solution. They contacted us for a custom made whiteboard animation video for one of their relaxation devices. Mindsight has a device that can help people calm their thoughts and focus on breathing and relaxing. Here’s an introduction to Mindsight, […]

Whiteboard Explainer For An Equine Service App (Video)

When a client says “I FRIGGING LOVE THIS!!!!!….”, you know you did something right! Although we completed this project a while ago, we never quite got the chance to blog about it. So here’s the story without further delay. HorseTaxi reached out to us requesting 4 whiteboard animation videos for their innovative equine transportation app. […]

4 Things To Consider Before Buying A Cheap Explainer Video

If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. We all know this and we all question low prices for things we know the value of. If someone tries to sell us a car for $100, we’ll probably raise our eyebrows. But, with animation videos, most people don’t know the value and how […]

Whiteboard Animation For a Healthcare Center (Watch this)

Nobody wants to feel like a number, especially when it comes to healthcare. When Prognify Urgent Care, an urgent care center, contacted us for a custom whiteboard explainer video to showcase their personalized approach, we couldn’t wait to get started. Our aim was to produce a video that captured quality of care, warmth and empathy.  […]

Quality Whiteboard Animation For A Security Company (Video)

Yet another successful project! With the rise of burglaries in the United States, (commercial) property security is more important than ever before. So, when security company AoE Security reached out to us for a custom whiteboard explainer video for their homepage, we couldn’t wait to bring our ideas to the table. Here’s a quick introduction […]

How Long Should An Explainer Video Be? Is Shorter Better?

We’re often asked what the right length for an explainer video is. Most people believe shorter is better, but is it? Does your target audience really have an attention span of mere seconds? Let’s dig a little deeper and see what the sweet spot is when it comes to the length of a quality explainer […]

Great Whiteboard Explainer About a Bedwetting Alarm (Video)

Project success! We’ve completed another whiteboard explainer video. This time it’s about a wearable bedwetting alarm system called the Amigo. Most of our team members are parents and as parents we know how frustrating bedwetting can be. An insecure child, constantly changing sheets, stressful nights, bedwetting can really take its toll. When Team Rodger reached […]

Fun Whiteboard Animation For a Sports App (Video Included)

Well, that was a fun project! Most of our team members exercise on a regular basis. Whether it’s a quick jog in the park, a session at the gym or an exercise routine in the comforts of our own homes, we all agree it’s a great way to unwind. When Coordi approached us for a […]