Do You Need An Explainer Video? 4 Reasons Why You Need One

Video marketing is a powerful form of marketing that effectively engages your target audience. Explainer videos in particular are fun, easily digestible and effective means to communicate key information about your business and most companies could benefit from having an explainer video. We understand that this statement might come across as biased coming from an animation studio, but allow us to elaborate on our point of view.

Here are the top 4 reasons why your business might need an explainer video.

Use an explainer video to... well, explain!

Do you believe only complex products or services need explaining? You might be surprised to learn this isn’t the case! Most products or services, no matter how simple they are, need some level of explaining. Just think about a product or service you recently purchased and the questions you had as a buyer.

Imagine that you’ve been thinking about purchasing a tooth whitening system. You did some research on the different options available and landed on several websites of companies offering tooth whitening solutions. What would be some of the questions you have as a potential buyer? You’d probably want to know:

  • How to use the product?
  • How long you should keep it in?
  • If the ingredients are safe to use?
  • How long it takes to see results?
  • How long the results last?

Or let’s say you’re thinking about hiring a pool cleaning company. Some of the questions you might have are:

  • How will the company clean my pool?
  • How long will it take to clean the pool?
  • How do I book an appointment?
  • What does it cost?

Now image if there were an explainer video on the homepage of these businesses providing an answer to all these questions and more. Wouldn’t that be helpful and set those business apart from competitors? Exactly! Whatever you offer, chances are your target audience has questions and explainer videos are a great way to answer those questions, clear up any confusion and boost conversions. Speaking about conversions, let’s discuss another reason why your business might need an explainer video.

Use an explainer video to promote

Are you launching a new and exciting product or service? Do you want to show potential customers what sets you apart?

Explainer videos offer a great way to promote your business and boost your conversion rates. Although there’s a difference between an explainer video and an ad, explainer videos can be used to promote your products or services. Do you offer fast delivery times, low prices, unmatched quality or amazing customer service?

You can tell your audience all about it in an attention grabbing explainer video that shows just how good your products are, why you are passionate about them, and the many benefits people gain from working with you.

Use an explainer video to get funding, investors, or donations

Need financial support for your charity organization or funding for your innovative product? Have you written a description to help investors or donators make an informed decision.

Good start! But, if you want to get people excited about your vision, a visually appealing explainer video, packed with information is an excellent way to achieve that. When you need funding, it’s important to make it as easy as possible for people to learn more about your organization, your innovative product or your vision. What better way to do this than to provide this information in video format. Post your video on your homepage or on crowdfunding platforms such as GoFundMe, Facebook, Kickstarter or Indiegogo to complement your description and give your campaign the push it needs.

So far, we’ve talked about how beneficial explainer videos are in getting your target audience and potential investors to learn more about your business and offerings but read on to learn about another audience that you must consider.  

Use an explainer video to step up your internal communications

In any business, the employees are the biggest asset.  It is important that they feel valued and in the loop. If they are aligned and on-board, the sky is the limit on what they will do to support you and your business. Explainer videos are an effective way to get your employees behind your strategy, vision and company values.

Here are some great uses of explainer videos for internal communication:

  • Onboarding new employees to help get them aligned with company expectations, values, and strategy.
  • Motivating existing employees to get them excited about new projects or comfortable with changes that are going on within the company.
  • Explaining the benefits the company offers to new hires or providing a refresher to existing employees.

Convinced your business needs an explainer video?

If you have a story to tell to customers, investors or your employees, chances are you could benefit from having an explainer video. When done right, explainer videos are a powerful tool for any growing or established business. Let’s take some action. Our team is ready to help you tell your story in a way that grabs attention and resonates with your target audience.

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