Explainer Video About Organic Pest Control (Video Included)

At WeAnim8, we’re animal lovers…. but we don’t want them in our food. When CATTiS, a company that provides an organic pest treatment system, approached us for a whiteboard explainer video, we were interested in learning more about their innovative way to treat pests without the use of chemicals. Here’s a summary of the production process, a quick introduction to CATTiS and the video we produced.

About CATTiS:

CATTiS is an organic pest treatment system designed to treat food commodities against insect infestation by using a Controlled Atmosphere in combination with rapid Temperature Treatment. The CATTiS system can be used to treat a wide variety of edible nuts, grains, beans, herbs and spices. Amy from CATTiS contacted us for a custom whiteboard animation video to explain the benefits of the CATTiS treatment system. 

The client's request:

CATTiS wanted a fun and witty video: A video that would show CEO’s and technical personnel the benefits of the CATTiS system over traditional chemical based solutions. “Playful characters”, “humor”, “fun to watch” and “young” were some of the terms the client used to describe what they were after. 

A quick summary of the video requirements:

Main goal                     : To explain what CATTiS is, how the system works and what the benefits are.
Desired mood             : Witty, professional and easily accessible
Desired length            : 2.5 minutes
Script provided           : No
Voice-over provided  : No
Color                             : No
Additional notes        : N/A

The whiteboard animation production process:

The process started with our order questionnaire. The questionnaire provided us with all the information we needed to get started. Our client completed the questionnaire, we discussed the project and started working on the script.

We produced a script about a Food quality & Safety manager, Cathie, who was concerned about using traditional pest treatment solutions in her nut factory. CATTiS to the rescue: A system that completely eliminated all Cathie’s concerns!

Our client liked the overall structure of the script and made a few adjustments. We then proceeded with the storyboard and produced several scenes to match with the script. We drew scared and praying insects looking at the CATTiS system, a nut production facility and an inside view of the CATTiS system.

Here are some of the storyboard illustrations we produced:

And the finalized shaded versions:

Our client loved our sketches and suggested a few changes. After processing their feedback, we produced an enthusiastic voice-over, added a background track and animated the approved illustrations. The initial version was ready to be presented.  

Here’s what our client had to say after reviewing the video:

“Thank you very much! It looks great” “We got very positive replies from people on the video! So well done. Thank you.”

Amy - CATTiS

The final result:

Playful characters, fun to watch, combined with a clear message: We believe we managed to capture it all. Check it out:

A special thanks to Amy, Phat, Loan and Fred. It’s been a fun project to work on and we enjoyed working with your team. All the best with your marketing efforts! It’s a fact: A bowl of nuts tastes a lot better knowing no chemicals were used in the production process.  

Need a whiteboard explainer video for your innovative product? Send us a message. Our team is happy to assist you.

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