Fun Whiteboard Animation For a Sports App (Video Included)

Well, that was a fun project! Most of our team members exercise on a regular basis. Whether it’s a quick jog in the park, a session at the gym or an exercise routine in the comforts of our own homes, we all agree it’s a great way to unwind. When Coordi approached us for a custom whiteboard animation video for their sports matching app, one of our animators immediately exclaimed “I love that idea!” Here’s an introduction to Coordi, a summary of the animation production process and the explainer video we produced to promote the app. 

About Coordi:

Coordi is an online platform that connects sports enthusiasts in a wide range of sports. It offers people matching, venue finding & booking and group & event creation. The app was almost ready to go live and Coordi needed an explainer video for their homepage. 

The client’s request:

During this project, we worked closely with Pierre and Flo from Coordi. They expressed they were interested in having us produce a short authentic and natural whiteboard animation video for their app based on a script they provided. The video had to have a positive vibe and convey trustworthiness and sportiness.

A quick summary of the requirements:

Main goal                           : A catchy video to promote an online platform that connects sports enthusiasts
Desired mood                  : Catchy, authentic, cordial, invigorating
Desired length                 : 60 seconds
Script provided                : Yes (reproduced by us)
Voice-over provided       : No, (Female, American English, authentic, friendly and trustworthy)
Color                                   : Full Color
Additional notes              : N/A

The whiteboard animation production process:

After discussing the project and reviewing the script, we decided to rewrite and optimize it using the client’s original ideas as input. We came up with a script about Ella and Ben, two sports enthusiasts, who used the app to find each other for a fun day of inline skating at the park.   

Our client expressed they liked the new script, made a few tweaks and we proceeded with the storyboard. After brainstorming and coming up with ideas to match with the script, we produced illustrations of Ella at home waving to the viewer to introduce herself, Ella stuck at home on a sunny day thinking about inline skating at the park and Ella and Ben inline skating together.

Here are some of the illustrations we produced:

Our client responded positively to our initial sketches and provided their feedback. We updated the illustrations and added colors and shade.

Here are some of the finalized illustration:

We resumed with the process and produced a voice-over with a friendly and authentic tone of voice, added a catchy and fun background track and animated the approved illustrations.  A few days later, the video was ready to be presented to our client.

We were happy to hear Flo and Pierre were pleased with the outcome. Only a few final tweaks were needed. 

Here’s what they had to say after review:

“Well done work, as expected!” “Good job in your communication.”

Pierre and Flo - Coordi

The final result:

Let’s have a look at the end result:

What do you think of the video? Seems like a helpful app, doesn’t it? A special thanks to Pierre and Flo from Coordi. It was a pleasure doing business with you. You’ve produced a great app that doesn’t only motivate sports enthusiast, but can also be an incentive for people to start working out. We wish you the best of luck with your marketing efforts.

Need an explainer video for your app? Contact us today! Our team is ready to assist you.

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