Powerful Explainer Video About a Relaxation Device (Video)

Rushing through life every day, don’t we all know the feeling? Our client, Mindsight, has the solution. They contacted us for a custom made whiteboard animation video for one of their relaxation devices. Mindsight has a device that can help people calm their thoughts and focus on breathing and relaxing. Here’s an introduction to Mindsight, a summary of the animation production process and the explainer video we produced. 

About Mindsight:

Mindsight is a company that designs and sell products that help people meditate, relax and live in the moment. Their products are designed to stimulate feelings of calm, focus and relaxation. Their motto: Engage, Experience, Exhale. Our client, David from Mindsight explained to us that Mindsight was founded because so many people rush through life. They stare at computer screens all day, don’t take time to breathe and cannot relax because they’re so busy just trying to get things done.

The client’s request:

Mindsight requested a video to introduce and describe how to use one of their products, the Ripple Kinetic Wall Art. The Kinetic Wall art is a device that people can put up on their wall. When a user winds it up and spins it, it creates an optical illusion that stimulates a sense of calm and relaxation. David requested an animated explainer video showing someone spinning the wings of the device, followed by the same person sitting at their desk while briefly looking at the spinning motion and then showing them relaxing or working.

A quick summary of the requirements:

Main goal                           : To introduce the Kinetic Wall art and describe how to use it
Desired mood                   : Relaxing
Desired length                 : 60 seconds
Script provided                : No
Voice-over provided       : No (Requested: Female, American with a relaxing tone of voice)
Color                                   : Full color
Additional notes              : N/A

The whiteboard animation production process:

We got started! Mindsight wanted to keep the video short (about 1 minute), so we looked into ways to get their message across and include a “how to” section in about 140 words. We also briefly discussed Mindsight’s idea of not having a voiceover. Although this could work for other animation types, we advised against this. For whiteboard animation videos, all visuals are made to support the voice-over. The voice-over is a key element. Without it, viewers would miss a big chunk of the information. After reviewing some whiteboard animation videos without sound, our client agreed and we got started with the script.

We came up with a script that started with a set of triggering questions to explain the problem of the target audience: a person who’s busy, stressed and unable to focus. We then presented the Kinetic Wall Art as the solution, briefly explained what it is and how it works and ended with a call to action.

Our client reviewed the script, made a few changes and approved it. We then started working on the storyboard and came up with a scene of a woman who was unable to relax at work, a visual of the same woman thinking about having a relaxed mind and a visual to show how the device works.

Here are our initial sketches:

Mindsight thought the initial sketches looked great and requested a couple of changes. We updated the scenes and added color and shade.

Here are the colored illustrations:

Mindsight reviewed the images and gave us the green light to proceed with the final steps.

One relaxing voice-over, a calm background track and several days of hard work later and the final video was ready. David and his team loved the outcome and needed just a few final tweaks to perfect it. They wanted to speed up the video a little and explore the option of including actual footage of their device in motion.

We received a video of the Kinetic Wall Art in motion, edited the footage, added it to the video and sped up the animation.

Here’s what our client had to say after reviewing the updated version:

You guys did an amazing job, great communication and clear turn arounds. Really enjoyed the finished product.

David – Mindsight

The final result:

Curious to see the final result? Check it out below. We believe it captures the relaxing tone Mindsight was after. The actual footage of the Kinetic Wall Art on the back wall in the final scene also gives it a nice touch. What do you think?

A special thanks to David from Mindsight. It was such a pleasure working with you. Your team came up with a device that doesn’t just look good, but also helps people relax: we’re fans! 

Need a custom whiteboard explainer video for your innovative product?
Contact us today. We’d love to help make your vision a reality. 

Update: Mindsight contacted us for another animation video. Stay tuned! We’ll write about the process soon.

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