Quality Whiteboard Animation For A Security Company (Video)

Yet another successful project! With the rise of burglaries in the United States, (commercial) property security is more important than ever before. So, when security company AoE Security reached out to us for a custom whiteboard explainer video for their homepage, we couldn’t wait to bring our ideas to the table. Here’s a quick introduction to the company, a summary of the whiteboard animation production process and the explainer video we produced.   

About AoE Security:

AoE security is a security guard services provider with locally responsive offices throughout the state of Florida. They offer armed security guards, unarmed security guards, live monitoring services and custom security solutions. The owner of AoE security contacted us to showcase their security platform and explain the benefits of their service. Keeping the bad guys out? Count us in.

The client’s request:

AoE security was looking for the help of a creative team to create an “awesome” and “informative” whiteboard video for their website. A video that would dive deeper into their client portal, show the different options it offers and explain the benefits of their services.

A quick summary of their request:

Main goal                          : To showcase their security platform to potential clients and convey the benefits.
Desired mood                   : Professional, modern, informative
Desired length                 : 90-120 seconds
Script provided                : No
Voice-over provided       : No
Color                                   : Started with Colored Accents and upgraded to Full Color
Additional notes              : N/A

The whiteboard animation production process:

After discussing the project and what AoE Security had in mind, we started working on their script. Our client initially indicated they were after a 90 second video, but because the information they wanted to include in their script didn’t fit into 90 seconds, we went ahead and produced 2 versions for our client to choose from: one suitable for a 90 second whiteboard video (with fewer details) and one suitable for a 120 second video (with more details). After review, AoE Security decided the 120 second version was the right length for their explainer video. They made a few tweaks and marked it as approved.

We then started working on their storyboard and came up with matching illustrations for each scene. We drew a property manager thinking about hiring security guards, the team of AoE security and a representative presenting the online platform.

Here are our whiteboard sketches:

AoE security loved the outcome. The only request they had, was making the characters look more racially diverse and adding their logo to each slide. Producing inclusive videos is important to us. We want our videos to resonate with all people. That’s why, by default, we include people of different ethnic backgrounds in most of our videos. However, with black and white videos or videos with color accents in brand colors, racial differences are relatively subtle. To really emphasize racial diversity, we recommended opting for full color instead of colored accents.  

Here are the colored whiteboard illustrations:

AoE security approved the illustrations. We locked them in and proceeded with the final steps.

One powerful voice-over, a catchy, but serious background track and several hours of animating later and the final video was ready to be presented to our client.

It’s currently on full display on their homepage.

The final result:

Have a look at the final result.

What do you think? We think it’s a straightforward video that looks great and captures what our client was after. A special thanks to AoE security. Thank you for trusting us with your business. We enjoyed working on your project and having you as our customer.

Need a custom made explainer video for your (security) business? Contact us today! We’ll make sure your video hits the mark.

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