This Whiteboard Animation About Dogecoin Will Make You Think

Another project successfully completed! We’ve produced several videos about blockchain technology, but this project for SupportDogecoin was an interesting one in this domain: one about a cryptocurrency that initially started as a joke, but has grown to become a serious crypto competitor. Here’s an introduction to SupportDogecoin, a quick recap of the whiteboard animation production process and the explainer video we produced for this client. 


SupportDogecoin is a marketplace where users can buy and sell items using Dogecoin.
The marketplace does exactly what it implies: Supporting Dogecoin. It does so by encouraging people to buy and sell items using Dogecoin as spendable currency. Contrary to Bitcoin (a currency people tend to hold on to and let increase in value), SupportDogecoin believes Dogecoin may become a cryptocurrency people actually spend to purchase goods or services. It sounded like an interesting project, so we jumped on the cryptotrain for a fun and creative ride.

The client's request:

SupportDogecoin contacted us for a descriptive whiteboard animation video for the launch of their marketplace. The explainer video had to explain why Dogecoin has the potential to be a usable blockchain coin and had to include a side by side comparison of Bitcoin vs. Dogecoin as an actual medium of exchange.

A quick summary of the whitboard video requirements:

Main goal                          : Explaining why it makes sense that Elon Musk called Dogecoin the people’s crypto.
Desired mood                  : Professional
Desired length                 : 3 minutes
Script provided                : Yes
Voice-over provided       : No
Color                                   : Full Color
Additional notes              : N/A

The whiteboard animation production process:

First stop: the script. We started by reviewing the draft script our client provided, we made a few adjustments and forwarded an improved and optimized version to the client. They liked our suggestions and needed no other changes, so we marked it as approved and continued our journey to the next stop: the storyboard.

After coming up with an idea for each scene, we produced the initial illustrations. We drew Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto, a character anxiously holding on to her Bitcoins and a character laughing at Dogecoin.

Here are some of our initial sketches:

And the colored versions:

Our client had no feedback (talk about a smooth ride!), so we continued our journey to one of the last stops: Voice-over, Animation and Initial delivery. We produced a professional and catchy voice-over, added a futuristic background track and animated the approved illustrations. It was time to present the whiteboard animation video to our client.

Here’s what they had to say:

“I really like it a lot.” “It is awesome.” “I love that voice over.”

Bry - SupportDogecoin

All they needed was a minor text change to one of the scenes. 
We updated the slide and arrived at the final stop: the final delivery.

The final result:

Ready to see how the video turned out? Check it out:

What do you think?

It’s been a fun ride. A special thanks to SupportDogecoin. We appreciate the trust and confidence you’ve place in us. Thank you for your valued business. We wish you all the best with the launch of your website.

Have you recently launched an innovative platform and do you need a whiteboard explainer video to promote it? Contact us today. Our team is ready to assist you. 

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