Whiteboard Animation For a Healthcare Center (Watch this)

Nobody wants to feel like a number, especially when it comes to healthcare. When Prognify Urgent Care, an urgent care center, contacted us for a custom whiteboard explainer video to showcase their personalized approach, we couldn’t wait to get started. Our aim was to produce a video that captured quality of care, warmth and empathy.  Here’s a quick introduction to Prognify Urgent Care, a summary of the whiteboard animation production process and the explainer video we produced.

About Prognify Urgent Care:

Prognify Urgent Care is an urgent care center located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They provide affordable and compassionate care for non-life threatening illnesses and injuries from sore throat and strep to COVID-19 testing, X-ray, broken bones, sutures and more. Patients can walk in or schedule an appointment online and are in and out in under an hour.

The client’s request:

Prognify Urgent Care reached out to us for a whiteboard explainer video to showcase the services they provide and how well the services are received by patients. They explained to us that it sometimes takes over an hour to get an appointment with a GP and that on average a visit to an emergency room is expensive. So instead of calling a GP or visiting an emergency room when in need of immediate (non-life-threatening) medical care, Prognify Urgent Care want patients to think of their clinic. In addition, to being affordable and fast, Prognify Urgent Care also wanted to capture the friendly and compassionate care they provide.

A quick summary of the requirements:

Main goal                          : To communicate the services Prognify Urgent Care provides.
Desired mood                   : Compassionate, friendly and professional
Desired length                 : 90 seconds
Script provided                : No (a rough draft was provided)
Voice-over provided       : No
Color                                   : Colored accents in brand colors
Additional notes              : N/A

The whiteboard animation production process:

We started working on the script. Our aim was to produce a script that would capture the common frustrations people have when visiting an Emergency Room or when booking an appointment with their GP. We introduced the approach of Prognify Urgent Care, mentioned the benefits and explained in 3 simple steps how it works.  

Our client loved the script, made a few minor changes and approved it.

We then proceeded with the storyboard. After some brainstorming, we decided the story could be about a mother and her sick daughter. We came up with a scene of the concerned mother sitting at the bedside of her daughter, the team of Prognify Urgent Care in their urgent care center and a side by side of care being provided in the care center and from the comfort of the patient’s home.

Here are some of the illustrations we produced:

We forwarded the illustrations to our client for review. They were happy with the outcome and requested a few minor text changes. We updated the scenes and added color accents in their brand colors red and blue.

Here are some of the finalized illustrations:

After approval, it was time to produce a friendly voice-over, a warm background track and to animate the approved scenes. It was time to present the video to the client. We’ve built in several feedback rounds throughout the process, to ensure the first delivery comes very close (or is exactly) what you our clients envision. In this specific case, Prognify Urgent Care had no feedback at all. The video was accepted and approved. Another project successfully completed!

The final result:

Here’s the custom whiteboard animation video we produced for Prognify Urgent Care. Do you think it captures the compassionate, friendly and professional tone they were after?

Let us know what you think.

A special thanks to Prognify Urgent Care. Thank you for trusting us with your business. It was a fun and lovely project to work on.

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