Whiteboard Explainer For An Equine Service App (Video)

When a client says “I FRIGGING LOVE THIS!!!!!….”, you know you did something right! Although we completed this project a while ago, we never quite got the chance to blog about it. So here’s the story without further delay.

HorseTaxi reached out to us requesting 4 whiteboard animation videos for their innovative equine transportation app. We never knew equine transportation involved so many steps and hurdles! Here’s a quick introduction to HorseTaxi, a summary of the whiteboard animation production process and one of the explainer videos we’ve produced for this client.

About HorseTaxi:

HorseTaxi is a marketplace app that connects owners of performance horses with equine service providers such as over ground shippers, air shippers, grooms, farriers, braiders and vets. When HorseTaxi reached out to us, they were about to launch their app and website and they were looking for explainers for their website to give visitors a breakdown of the app, how it works and how it benefits them.

The client’s request:

HorseTaxi requested 4 extensive whiteboard animation videos. One for each target group: barn managers, shippers, equine service providers and investors. It was important to them the video gave an in depth view of their app, showing app screens as well as custom illustrations to capture the story.

A quick summary of the requirements:

Main goal                          : To explain what the benefits of the app are and how it works
Desired mood                   : Professional
Desired length                 : 2.5 min
Script provided                : No
Voice-over provided       : No
Color                                   : A few very subtle color accents
Additional notes              : N/A

The whiteboard animation production process:

We started by reviewing the questionnaire our client completed, studying screenshots of the app and learning more about the problems barn managers, shippers and equine service providers run into. After we had a good understanding of the problems of each target group and how HorseTaxi helps solve these problems, we created a detailed script for each target group with a relatable character for each video.

Our client loved the scripts, gave us full creative freedom and asked us to proceed with the next step. We locked in the scripts and resumed with the storyboards. We were bursting with ideas and came up with scenes of a shipper standing in front of his horse trailer, the app connecting horse owners and barn managers with equine service providers, different app screens and so on.

Here are a few examples of the black and white whiteboard illustrations we produced:

After reviewing the initial samples, our client responded by saying: “I FRIGGING LOVE THIS!!!!!….”
It always gives us a boost when clients are excited about our work and look forward to what’s to come.

HorseTaxi only wanted a slight change to the roof of some of the horse trailers and approved the rest of the illustrations. We updated the roofs and proceeded with adding a few very subtle color accents as requested and shade. 

Here are some of the finalized illustrations:

After approval of the illustrations, we locked them in and proceeded with the final steps. We produced a voice-over using a male, American and friendly, yet powerful voice, added a calm country background track and animated the approved illustrations. Our client loved the result!

The final result:

Curious to know what our client was so excited about? Check out one of the videos we produced in this series.

What do you think?
A special thanks to HorseTaxi. Thank you for trusting us and for giving us full creative freedom. We’re glad you liked the ideas we presented and wish you all the best with marketing your app.

Need a custom made whiteboard animation video for your app or transportation service? Send us a message and allow us to help you get your message across.

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